Macdonald Wick

Macdonald Wick
Associate Professor
225 Plumb Hall, Columbus, Ohio
Beef, Fish, Poultry, Muscle development, Muscle growth
Additional Information: 

Fulbright Scholar 2013-2014


Dr. Wick is an associate professor in the department of Animal Sciences. As a physical biochemist, Dr. Wick’s special focus is on meat science with academic, scholarly and industry consulting experience in meat processing and quality in multiple species. Dr. Wick regularly interacts and collaborates with meat processing companies. He is responsible for the Processed Meats lecture/laboratory course, and he developed and teaches the Advanced Meat Science course. In addition, Dr. Wick developed and instructs the undergraduate Animal Laboratory Techniques and graduate Molecular Biology Techniques courses. Dr. Wick has published research on muscle growth and development as well as the genetic and postmortem impacts on the meat quality attributes of tenderness and thermally induced meat gel formation.

In addition to ANIMSCI and MEATSCI courses, Dr. Wick teaches FDSCTE 7640 Food Carbohydrates and Proteins.